NY Respiratory Protection

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Webinar Qn'A - Session

Date:   March 15, 2012
Start:   11:00 AM EST
End:   12:00 AM EST


MARCH 15, 2011 - 11:00 AM EST
Advanced Respiratory Protection

MAXAIR's CAPR delivers the latest in cutting-edge technology designed for use in hospital Infection Prevention, Emergency Preparedness, Employee Health and Safety.

The CAPR is hose-free with no air-tube and bulky blower unit. It is light weight and spacious allowing greater freedom of movement and full face visibility

Join us and learn more

  • Meet Your Local Representatives
  • Evaluate Your PPE options
  • Why CAPR vs. N95?
  • Learn How MAXAIR Works
  • Reduce the Cost of Fit-Testing

The Panelists Include:

Vince Gonzalez, National Sales Director, Bio-Medical Devices, Intl
Brian Perrigo, Regional Sales Manager, MAXAIR Systems
Jon Artz, NY Sales Representative, MAXAIR Systems



Corporate Office:
17171 Daimler Street
Irvine, CA 92614
Ph: (800) 443-3842

Healthcare safety is the cornerstone of our business and we've developed cutting-edge products to better serve you.


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