MAXAIR Helmet Liners

Clear MaxAir helmet

Standard Liner

Small Lightweight Headpads

Routine Use

2071-08 Liner for 2081-03 Helmets
Clear MaxAir helmet respirator

Hard Hat Liner

Large Extra-Cushion Headpads

Heavy Activity and Hard Hat Use

2071-07 Liner for 2083-03 Helmets

MAXAIR Helmet Accessories

Power Cord with "Notch"

Power Cord with

Power Cord without "Notch"

Power Cord without

Close Up Notch View

notch - no notch

All notched Power Cords are for 2081-03, 2083-03, 2084-03 Helmets and Helmets purchased after 2019 (often referred to as “Turn-Lock” Helmets), with 2500-36TSC, 2500-37TSC, and 2500-30TSC Batteries.

Notched power cords are backwards compatible with older Helmets and may be used as a replacement for the older, 2590-01 Power Cords.

Comfort Strips

Front Headband Comfort Strips

2000-201 Comfort Strips

1 Full strip for the front headband on all Helmets.
1/2 strip (Full strip cut in half) for the rear headband on all
     78SP and 300TS Series Helmets, 2025-03 and 2065-03.

Package of 36
pads for maxair system

Liner Replacement Foam Pads

2000-206 Helmet Liner Foam Pad Kit for CAPR Helmets
Includes 2 Liner front pads, 2 Liner rear pads, 1 rear headband Comfort Pad
For 2070-03 and 2075-03 CAPR Helmets
pads for maxair system

Liner Back Headband Comfort Strips

2000-209 Liner Foam Headband Pads Kit for CAPR Helmets

5 per Box
Helmet hanging hooks

Helmet (Hanging) Hooks

2000-204 Helmet Hooks

Package of 6, with mounting screws
2000-210 chin straps

2000-210 Chin Strap

ChinStrap for 2061-04A Hard Hat

Package of 5 per box
2099-09 chin straps

2099-09 ChinBar

For CAPR Helmet Liners 2071-08 and 2071-07

Package of 3 per box

2099-10 Adapters and Rivets Kit

For CAPR Helmets

15 Sets

2099-12 Adapters Kit

For CAPR 2061-08 Filter Cover Cap (FCC)

15 Sets

2099-14 Hard Hat Adapters Kit

For CAPR 2061-04A Hard Hats

15 Sets

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