Helmet Out of Warranty Service Program

If you have a MAXAIR Helmet that is beyond its warranty period and is not working properly, we may be able to help.

The MAXAIR Out-of-Warranty-Service-Program is designed to bring your ailing Helmet back to factory standards if it is found to be repairable

To determine if repairs are feasible, and provide you with an accurate quotation for that repair, please read and follow the instructions below.

Helmet Out of Warranty Service Program

Step 1

BEFORE YOU CONTACT MAXAIR Systems for an out of Warranty repair, Perform a Helmet check per the Troubleshooting Guide document.
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Step 2

If troubleshooting doesn't solve your helmet issue, read the entire protocol for an Out-of-Warranty Service Protocol document. Be certain you have read, understand, and accept the protocol and Limited Warranty statement before proceeding.
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Step 3: Before packing and sending your Helmet to MAXAIR Systems, follow Step 3A and 3B below:

Step 3a

Decontaminate the Helmet and fill out the Decon Tag document.
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Step 3b

Pack the Helmet and ready it for return to MAXAIR Systems per the Preferred Packing for Helmets for Return to BDMI document.
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Step 4

With the Helmet decontaminated and the De-Con Tag filled out, fill out the RMA Request document below and email it to [email protected] to recieve your Return Material Authorization.
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Carefully and thoroughly read the below information before sending your Helmet to MAXAIR Systems.

Return Material Authorization (RMA)

No Product may be returned directly to BMDI without first contacting BMDI Customer Service, 1800-433-3842, for a Return Material Authorization ("RMA") number. If it is determined that the Product may be defective, you will be given an RMA number and instructions for Product return. An unauthorized return, i.e. one for which an RMA number has not been issued, will be returned to you at your expense. Authorized returns are to be shipped prepaid and insured to the address on the RMA in an approved shipping container. Your original box and packaging materials should be kept for storing or shipping your Product.

Notification of Status of Decontamination (SOD)

A Status of Decontamination (SOD) cerification, signed by the institution's Infection Control Director, must accompany all returned product(s). This certification is to clearly state:

1.) The de-contamination status of the returned products(s) relative to their having been exposed to any pathogenic, toxic, or otherwise harmful contaminants, and

2.) The list of contaminants the product(s) may have been exposed to, that could jepordize the health of BMDI receiving personnel who would necessarily handle the product(s) during unpacking.

Return Exceptions

Only products originally shipped from BMDI or from an authorized supplier will be returned to BMDI. The Customer returning products to BMDI certifies that the products were perchased from BMDI and there has been no substitution of the product from another supplier, distributor or other source of the product. The return should be in the original packaging, otherwise it must adhere to the instructions in Perferred Packing Instructions in step 3b
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