MAXAIR Systems Payment Verification

Please call 1-800-443-3842 then dial #7 to verify any changes or updates in payment method, payment type, payment details, or banking information details.  

A customer service representative will be able to confirm or deny any changes or updates. The customer service representative cannot provide MAXAIR financial or credential information over the phone, but will confirm or deny the information you have is correct or incorrect. If you need to update your records, the customer service representative will send you the correct information by email after verifying the email address you provided is legitimate.  

If you receive any suspicious phone calls or emails, please immediately cease communication with the other party and call 1-800-443-3842 then dial #7 for assistance. 

If no one answers your call, please leave a message, and we will try and get back to you within the next business day.    

Thank You,

MAXAIR Systems

Maxair PPE equipment

For nearly 20 years, MAXAIR Systems is providing creative solutions to meet the needs wherever personal respiratory and contact concerns demand the highest quality of safety and comfort to the user. 

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