Advanced Surgical Helmet System

Revolutionize Surgical Safety with the MAXAlR CAPR SHS Surgical Helmet System!

Say hello to the future of surgical protection

Irvine, CA - April 29, 2024 - MAXAIR Systems proudly presents the game-changing CARP SHS

Advanced Surgical Helmet System,

setting a new standard in operating room safety and efficiency

Unveiled at the prestigious 2024 AORN Global Surgical Conference & Expo, CAPR-SHS is in stock and ready to ship.

Our cutting-edge CAPR SHS is ready to transform surgical environments worldwide, ensuring uncompromising safety without breaking the bank.

What makes CAPH SHS stand out?

It’s not just a helmet – It’s a fortress against splashes, fluids, harmful Microorganisms, and airborne transmissible hazards with NIOSH-approved filtration and unmatched Outward Particulate Reduction, it’s your ultimate shield in the OR, to all staff and patients.

No more compromises on comfort or protection!

Our sterile PRS Hood offers a sealed fit against CO2 recirculation for excellent breathability and keeps you cool and focused during even the longest surgeries. And forget about cumbersome respiratory devices- CAPR SHS has you covered with an APF of 1,000 and no fit testing required.

No masks and no hoses, forever.

Reduce operating expenses by tailoring staff roles with sensible configurations that reduce your daily cost-per-surgery.

Join the movement for safer surgeries!

CAPR SHS is the future of Surgical PPE - combining safety comfort, and affordability like never before.

Maxair PPE equipment

For nearly 20 years, MAXAIR Systems is providing creative solutions to meet the needs wherever personal respiratory and contact concerns demand the highest quality of safety and comfort to the user. 

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