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Achieve Secure Storage and Rapid Deployment of PAPR Systems

MAXAIR CART provides Rapid Within-Minutes Deployment with Lockable Storage for up to 9 CAPR Systems plus Accessories

DATE September 5, 2019 – Irvine, CA – MAXAIR® Systems released our second generation mobile cart that uniquely addresses the challenges of securely storing PPE when not needed, yet allowing at-the-ready rapid deployment when isolation and treatment of ATD patients is required.

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Organizations are confronted with several challenges when considering implementation of a PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) based Respiratory Protection Program (RPP). A key logistical issue is how and where to store PAPR Systems and Immediate-Need Accessories when not needed and keep them secure.

Perhaps more important is how to rapidly deploy the critical PPE when a suspect ATD Patient is identified and needs to be isolated immediately so as not to infect HCP.

MAXAIR's second generation 2782-06 CART provides within-minutes deployment anywhere within the institution of up to 9 CAPR Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs) with enough initial accessories for a complete HCP Team to begin immediate care for an isolated ATD Patient.

The 2782-06 CART has designated spaces for up to 9 CAPR Systems, gloves, de-con wipes, and an initial supply of Head/Face covers and gowns. Additional integration of a gang charger ensures that multiple batteries (and therefore Systems) are always at the ready for rapid deployment and use at a moment’s notice.

Storage space allocation flexibility is nearly unlimited. Internally, MAXAIR CART has fully height adjustable and optional add-on shelves to optimize space between CAPR Helmets, Face/Head Covers, and gowns. Optional add-on external storage racks provide even more storage space for Face/Head Covers and gowns. A Storage Rack may be added to either or both ends of MAXAIR CART.

All internal items are securely stored behind a lockable top and front opening doors.

To see more about how MAXAIR CART can solve your PPE Storage and Deployment issues, please review the MAXAIR CART.

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